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Mico Chat helps you easily meet people near you and make new friendships with other users. Using a GPS, you can contact profiles that are near you, which makes it easy for you to meet up with your new friends in person.

Although Mico Chat works through a GPS, you can choose any location in the world and talk to people in other places. This app gives you the possibility of talking to hundreds of people from all over the world in one day. By looking at the users’ profiles, you can check where they are, their marital status, date of birth, the pictures they’ve shared and the distance that separates you both.

You can register as a of Mico Chat user without having to provide personal information. So, don’t worry about it and you can continue to enjoy the app by giving only the information that’s truly necessary.

You’ll get a notification whenever someone visits your profile and each time you get a message. However, you won’t really know if the messages you’ve sent have been read. Luckily, you can check out when the last time they logged in was so you know if that person is available or not.
By Erika Okumura